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132 LCHF 101 with Jess Paige

Posted by smashthefat on October 2nd, 2015

Jessica recently graduated with a degree in Food Science & Nutrition from McGill. By day, she's a premed student and volunteer medic and by night, a food blogger over at JessPaigeLCHF.  A few years ago, her and her family decided to go low-carb at the suggestion of her father’s cardiologist. He had been diagnosed with an enlarged heart due to his size and was told he would require a pacemaker within a year if he did not change his lifestyle drastically. He was 53 at the time and had a body fat percentage of 36%. Flash forward to 2015, he has dropped all the excess weight and sits comfortably at 11% body fat. Jess has seen wonderful changes in both her blood work and overall with how she feels.
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