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104 The Medicinal Chef with Dale Pinnock

Posted by smashthefat on January 26th, 2015

After completing his undergraduate studies, Dale is now pursuing his post graduate career, undertaking a Masters Degree qualification, in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey - one of the most highly respected, evidence based Nutrition post graduate courses available. Whilst studying he also worked as a whole foods chef. This combined experience has led to him working in the way that he does. He wears many hats at once, and delivers the full spectrum of his expertise, in order to guide the public towards a healthier life, and more informed choices. Dale is very much of the belief that diet and lifestyle offers some fantastic opportunities for individuals to take elements of their own healthcare into their own hands. At the same time, he is acutely aware that there is a lot of quackery and fairy tales in this field. It is his mission to be vocal and passionate about what works, and why, and to weed out that which is nothing more than science fiction, to give you, the people who need this information the most, the real picture.
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