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067 Ketogenic Diet Therapies with Emma Williams MBE

Posted by smashthefat on July 28th, 2014

Emma set up the charity in her son’s name in 2004 after Matthew had responded so well to a ketogenic diet as it had been the only thing to give him his life back after years of constant seizures and brain damage. Emma maintains to this day that it was the diet that saved his life but she had an enormous struggle for him to obtain the diet in the first place. Her aim is always to give people an informed choice, support families and patients and dispel the myths and misconceptions that there are surrounding ketogenic dietary therapies. The charity specialises solely in ketogenic dietary therapies and works closely with its medical board and works with charity partners and ketogenic centres around the globe and has grown at a phenomenal rate. In 2011 they set up their own Treatment Clinic which not only treats children and adults with epilepsy but is now working with medical professionals looking at the possibility of ketogenic dietary therapies being helpful for Brain Cancer.
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