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056 Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss with Julie Mann

Posted by smashthefat on June 30th, 2014


What Julie loves doing is making a difference to people. Her background is as a professional actress and voice over artist and these days she does improvised role-play work. Julie uses her acting and life skills to recreate realistic scenarios that allow people to learn from their experience in a facilitated environment so that they can be effective when dealing with the 'real thing'. Julie trained as a Hypnotherapist/EFT Practitioner & Life Coach after experiencing panic attacks and enjoys working with individuals and groups to promote change and personal growth. She never wanted to have to fit her life around her work, so now, thanks to her award winning online health & wellness company, she works the hours she wants, so that she can do the things that are important to her like spending time with her daughter. Also, Julie's aim is to fund a school in Africa.


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