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137 The Environmental and Ethical Issues Surrounding Meat with Sam Feltham @ Health Unplugged 2015

Posted in climate change, environment, ethics, omnivore, vegan by smashthefat on November 6th, 2015

Sam Feltham discusses the environmental and ethical issues surrounding meat at Health Unplugged 2015 in London on Sunday 1st November. Find out more about the conference @ 
This video was recorded by Ivor Cummins via his blog and YouTube channel @ 
Download the presentation slides @ 
Watch the video @ 

1) The Least Harm Principle May Require that Humans Consume a Diet Containing Large Herbivores, Not a Vegan Diet. Steven Davis.

2) Least Harm: A Defense of Vegetarianism from Steven Davis's Omnivorous Proposal. Gaverick Matheny.

3) Ordering the vegetarian meal? There’s more animal blood on your hands. Mike Archer.

4) A Comparison Of Vegetarian Diets And The Standard Westernized Diet In Nutrient Adequacy And Weight Status. Anthony DiMarino.

5) Vegetarian diet and mental disorders: results from a representative community survey. Johannes Michalak.

6) Watts Up With That. Anthony Watts.

7) Global warming – agriculture's impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Eugene Takle.

8) Soil Carbon Cowboys & Soil Carbon Curious. Peter Byck. 

9) Grazing management impacts on vegetation, soil biota and soil
chemical, physical and hydrological properties in tall grass prairie. W. Richard Teague.

10) Farming: Soil erosion and degradation. WWF.

11) How to fight desertification and reverse climate change. Allan Savory.

12) Only 60 Years of Farming Left If Soil Degradation Continues. Scientific American.
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